Olympia Property, Construction, Business, and Family Law Attorney

In your business or personal life, the best way to deal with problems is to prevent them. Projects, whether in land use, development, construction, or other ventures, and divorce or other family-related interactions can be filled with problems. By ensuring that such matters are handled properly from the outset individuals and small to medium sized businesses can get a head start on resolving such legal issues. By getting ahead of such matters, a company or an individual can also reduce the worry about potential legal issues and can, instead, worry about  more important things – such as customers or children, respectively. Sometimes a lawsuit cannot be prevented, but it still can be handled as well as and as efficiently as possible. Ben Cushman is an Olympia property, construction, and business law attorney who helps entrepreneurs and established companies with a wide range of issues. Ben also helps individuals with family law related matters involving divorce, child custody and more. Ben has been serving our community since 1996 and he takes great pride in the level of service he provides. He takes an “outside the box” approach to problem solving and he is ready to help you. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer. We also serve Tacoma and other Washington areas.

Olympia lawyer handling cases related to land use disputes, construction law, business matters, family law, and more

Things can become complicated any time legal issues are involved. This is true of property law or construction law matters as well as of divorce and family law matters. Such complications can seem extreme when there are disputes over zoning, land use regulations, business matters, or whether a contractor breached an agreement. Complications can also definitely seem extreme when dealing with division or property or custody matters in a divorce. We deal with such situations by putting the most important thing first – our clients. We will use your initial consultation to identify your goals, to develop a plan to help you meet those goals, and to devise a strategy meant to resolve your case in as efficient and cost effective a manner as possible. We will ensure that your rights are protected while you are dealing with the legal system. Contact us online or by telephone.

Our Olympia lawyers handle a wide range of issues. We take a “hands on” and proactive approach in each of our cases. Such an approach is meant to help your case get through the system sooner rather than later. We also maintain a high level of communication with our clients. This includes promptly returning phone calls, quickly replying to emails, and making ourselves available to address any concerns that they may have. Our firm provides an online client portal through which our clients may access their important documents and we make sure that your questions do not go unanswered. We understand that dealing with an attorney can be frustrating. We strive to be different in this regard.

We also handle a variety of other cases in which people regularly find themselves requiring assistance. These include disputes involving a child’s education. Such situations often leave a person feeling powerless and stripped of rights. By providing quality representation we strive to help those who need help. It is our honor to serve our community and our lawyers take this obligation seriously.

Lawyers assisting Olympia & Tacoma residents with divorce and other family related issues

Few things are as difficult as matters involving one’s family. Family-related legal disputes can have a huge impact on one’s future. This impact can relate to your future financial well-being as well as your ability to see your children. Ben and Deborah Reback-Cushman understand the impact that this area of law can have on people’s lives. That is why we assist in matters involving divorce, child custody, etc. We also understand that legal services can be expensive, which is why we provide limited services for reduced cost, what local courts refer to as “unbundled representation”. Our firm understands that this is a serious time in your life and our Olympia lawyers are ready to assist you.

Our firm also serves the Thurston County cities of Lacey, Tumwater, and Yelm, the Pierce County cities of Tacoma, Puyallup, and Lakewood, the Lewis County cities of Centralia, Chehalis, the King County cities of Seattle, Auburn, Bellevue, Burien, and Federal Way, as well as other areas in Washington, including Grays Harbor, Mason, Cowlitz, and Pacific Counties.