Olympia Bankruptcy Attorney Assisting Residents With Discharging Credit Card Debt

woman with too many credit cardsCredit card debt is one of the most common reasons Washington residents seek bankruptcy protection. Credit cards marketed for rewards, discounts, or zero-interest payment plans can trap unwary users into significant debt. Changes in interest rates or missed payments can convert an initial modest purchase into staggering debt. Whatever the circumstances, mounting credit card debt can cause serious stress on one’s finances. It is possible to have credit card debt discharged through the bankruptcy process and allow the debtor to rebuild their financial future. Ben Cushman has been licensed to practice law since 1996. Our firm serves clients in Olympia and Tacoma as well as other areas in Washington, including Grays Harbor, Mason, Cowlitz, and Pacific Counties. If you are considering bankruptcy as a way to wipe out credit card debt, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Olympia lawyer helping residents discharge credit card debt in bankruptcy

Credit card debt can be debilitating. The good news is that credit card balances are generally discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For those residents who are not eligible for Chapter 7, they may still have a large portion of their credit card debt discharged in a Chapter 13 proceeding. Once the process is initiated, collection companies are required to cease their attempts to collect the credit card debt. They must stop sending letters, making phone calls, and otherwise harassing debtors engaged in the bankruptcy process. Following the conclusion of one’s case, credit card debt will be erased and the cards will be closed. It is possible to exclude a card that has a zero balance from the process and potentially use that card in the future. In many cases, however, the credit card company will cancel even unused cards once a cardholder files bankruptcy. Our attorney can help you determine how to handle each outstanding balance in your case.

It is important to note that creditors may attempt to challenge the discharge of a debt. Regarding credit card debt, a company may require repayment of a card balance if they can demonstrate that the debtor fraudulently incurred the debt. For example, if a person lied on their credit card application about their income to obtain a high credit limit, this may prevent the debtor from discharging that amount in bankruptcy. Other charges for luxury or non-essential items made just before seeking bankruptcy protection may be excluded from discharge as fraudulent. In addition, debtors may be required to repay cash advances drawn within a period of time before the Petition is filed. A bankruptcy lawyer can review account activity so that you understand in advance how this may impact your case.

Ben Cushman is an Olympia attorney who has over two decades of experience representing Washington residents. He understands how credit card debt will be treated in bankruptcy proceedings. Ben will review your entire financial picture, including credit card debt, to determine which debts may be discharged in bankruptcy. He will advise you on the various forms of bankruptcy and whether Chapter 7 or 13 is right for you and your family. He understands that every case and client is different and will explain what you can expect throughout the process. Contact us today to speak with an attorney.

Olympia attorney providing Washington residents with top quality customer service through bankruptcy

Ben is a lawyer who understands that credit card debt can quickly become overwhelming. He knows that bankruptcy may be the only path toward rebuilding one’s financial future. Ben treats his clients with respect and gives each case the attention it deserves. We believe that everyone is entitled to the highest level of customer service. Therefore, Ben prioritizes communication with his clients and promptly answers emails and responds to phone calls throughout the process. This is true whether you are in Olympia or elsewhere.

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