Olympia Business Law Lawyer Drafting Non-Compete Agreements

two people signing documentBusinesses trade secrets and internal processes are vital to a business’s success. Hiring employees, and working with independent contracts, vendors or business partners means that you will be entrusting these secrets to others. Unfortunately there are times in which a former worker may be recruited by one of your competitors. They may also form their own business and use the information they have obtained to compete directly against you. By having your employees, independent contractors, vendors and business partners execute a properly drafted non-compete or confidentiality agreement you help to ensure that sharing your trade secrets does not result in harm to your business. Retaining an experienced attorney can make the difference as to whether agreements not to compete or to maintain confidentiality are found to be enforceable. Ben Cushman is an Olympia, Washington business law lawyer who handles such matters. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation. We also serve Tacoma and other Washington areas.

Attorney assisting Olympia and Tacoma, Washington businesses with drafting non-competition agreements

A non-competition or confidentiality agreement can be a separate document or it can be part of an employment contract. These contracts are signed by your employees, independent contractors, and possibly your business partners and vendors. They can take a variety of forms. These forms can include requirements that an employee not take a job with one of your competitors, that an employee be prohibited from opening a competing business in your market, or that an individual not be permitted to disclose your company’s processes, procedures, customer lists, etc. A well-crafted agreement will be specific so that its terms are beyond reasonable dispute. It will also typically include a “liquidated damages” provision which states the extent to which you will be compensated for any violation of the agreement. By having a non-competition or confidentiality agreement in place you gain legal protections which can be immediately invoked if necessary. Retaining an experienced lawyer can help to ensure that your agreements are properly drafted.

Ben Cushman is an Olympia business law attorney who helps companies in the creation of non-compete and confidentiality agreements. Ben will use your initial consultation to learn more about your business. He will then identify information and materials which are best kept secret. He will work with you to determine the level of information which an employee, independent contractor, vendor or business partner needs to do their job and he will then draft an agreement which helps to keep such information “in house.” Ben will also work to identify situations in which a worker may compete against you (either by starting their own company or by taking a job with one of your competitors). He will build provisions into the agreement which protect you from such competition. Ben has been serving our community since 1996 and this experience gives him insight into the practices of various local companies. He understands that such information needs to be protected. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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Olympia lawyer providing quality service to businesses requiring non-competition contracts

Our lawyer understands that running a business comes with many complications. An entrepreneur does not need the added aggravation of having to worry about protecting company information. Ben strives to alleviate such concerns by helping with the creation of non-competition and confidentiality agreements. He strives to provide quality service while handling such matters. This includes timely responding to emails, quickly replying to phone calls, and making himself available to answer any questions you may have. We are honored to serve the Olympia and South Sound community and we take our responsibilities very seriously.